III-N Technologies

The III-N research team has more than 10 years of experience in Gallium Nitride based materials and devices. We have published work in the following materials:

  • hexagonal 2D BN. We are the leaders in Europe in hexagonal BN materials.
  • BGaN, BAlN, BInGaN.  We are the leaders in Europe in boron containing nitride semiconductors.
  • InGaN
  • AlGaN
  • GaN

(Atomic force microscope image of hexagonal BN 2D material layer)

The III-N research team has pioneered lift-off technologies, which permit removal of device layers from substrates.

Lift-off technologies
  • h-BN sacrificial layer
  • ZnO sacrificial layers 

(Image of 2" LED wafer transferred to copper tape after lift-off from h-BN layer, LED structures worked well after transfer)

The III-N research team also has extensive expertise in nano-selective area growth, which allows for increased material quality.

Nano-Selective Area Growth
  • InGaN
  • GaN on GaN, ZnO, SiC
  • NSAG through graphene masks
  • BGaN

(Scanning electron microscope image of InGaN nanopyramids)